What to Expect


Paperwork Patient Forms

Upon arriving at the clinic, you will need to complete some initial paperwork.  This paperwork is very important for determining your diagnosis and developing the best possible treatment plan.  Visit the “Forms” section of our website for downloadable copies of our initial paperwork. Completing these ahead of time will speed up your first visit.


After completing the forms, you will have a consultation with one of the doctors to review your medical history and discuss the purpose of your visit. You can feel free to discuss any concerns, possible treatment alternatives and whether or not chiropractic care can assist you with your healthcare goals.



After your consultation, a thorough examination of your healthcare issue will be conducted. Chiropractic examinations usually include checking the movement of the involved areas, performing orthopedic/neurological tests and locating areas of stiffness or tenderness. Wearing a gown or undressing is not required for these examinations.


X-Ray ExaminationX-Ray

Some patients need x-rays prior to having a chiropractic treatment. Whether x-rays are required depends mostly on if your condition is related to a trauma, potential underlying disease, your age and how long you have been having the problem. Most people under 50 with a new onset of neck or back pain do not require x-rays. Should you need x-rays, they can be performed at our office.

Report of FindingsReport of Findings

When you have completed all of the necessary evaluations, your doctor will discuss if chiropractic is right for you and a proposed treatment plan. At this point, you can discuss other treatment options available, the potential costs of treatment, how long it may take to resolve your problem and any other concerns you may have.

TreatmentChiropractic Adjustment

Most patients will receive treatment for their problem on the day of the first visit. Treatments may include chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, manual therapy to muscles/other soft tissues and exercise therapy. Check the "Services" section of the website for in-depth descriptions of many of the therapies offered at the clinic.

Graph of improvementRecovery

Some patients can experience dramatic, rapid improvement after even their first chiropractic treatment. Most patients, however, require some additional follow-up sessions to fully resolve their complaints. The amount of treatment required to resolve a specific complaint is different for each of us.