Services - Chiropractic Care

The main form of treatment available at the Wiederrich Chiropractic Clinic is obviously "Chiropractic Care".

This form of treatment is most commonly associated with the doctor performing "manipulative therapy" to the joints of the spine, arms or legs. This is what chiropractors call a "Chiropractic Adjustment". Manipulative therapy or Adjustments are a type of treatment that involve a short, sudden thrust along a specific direction to a joint of the spine or limbs. This type of treatment is usually accompanied by a pop or cracking sound. The sound is not made by the bone, but rather a small bubble of gas that escapes from the joint fluid while the joint surfaces are separated during the adjustment.

Neck adjustmentThe purpose of the chiropractic adjustment is to acheive the following:

      • Restore motion to a previously restricted or stiffened joint.
      • Reduce pain and muscle spasms by stimulating specialized nerve cells that exist within and around all joints of the body.
      • Move or adjust the position of a bone to relieve nerve compression and/or irritation.


Chiropractic Care includes chiropractic adjustments, but also includes the use of soft-tissue techniques, physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation, nutrition and much, much more.